K.Sight CLASS Warehouse Design Software

Evidence based decision making for warehouse design,
helping you model and simulate your warehouse to prove the best layout.

K.Sight CLASS software is used world-wide by: 3PL’s | Manufacturers | Retailers

With K.Sight CLASS Software you can design your warehouse and re-design it based on the hard data which the simulation will produce.

Complimentary Warehouse Performance Assessment

We will help you get up to date and set you on the right path

Complex warehousing solutions are solved in your virtual computer warehouse environment by changing your many different parameters and measuring their impact:

  • Assess warehouse layout changes and their effect on productivity
  • Identify throughput capacities and bottlenecks
  • Review the impact of different picking methods
  • Estimate shift patterns and equipment
  • Quantify cost and service levels by simulating profiles

K.Sight CLASS is pre-loaded with all of the tasks needed in a warehouse – from unloading vehicles and put-away through to order picking, pallet building, loading, dispatch and all the processes in between; while also being able to model both manual and automated warehouses.

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