K.Sight COST2SERV Distribution Network Strategy Software

K.Sight COST2SERV has been developed to help companies gain a greater understanding of their supply chain and to identify the most profitable distribution strategies.

K.Sight COST2SERV software is used for Supply Chain Design and Analysis world-wide by:
3PL’s | Manufacturers | Retailers

Our powerful algorithms help you optimise your supply chain model by identifying the best solutions.
With K.Sight COST2SERV you will be able to develop the best network strategy to meet your supply chain needs.

K.Sight COST2SERV projects do not require IT integration, data can be exchanged using a simple drag and drop between Excel spreadsheets.

Complimentary Warehouse Performance Assessment

We will help you get up to date and set you on the right path

Designing your supply chain to achieve maximum returns requires the ability to identify opportunities, limitations and constraints.

  • Find the best location for your warehouse
  • Alleviate bottlenecks and points of congestion
  • Create competitive distribution strategies
  • Understand the profit and cost dynamics of your network
  • Plan for black Friday events, increase your supply chain resilience

If you are merging supply chains, extending an existing supply chain or creating a new supply chain, K.Sight COST2SERV will assist you to compare different operating scenarios.

What would you say if you were asked these questions?

1. What is the optimum number and location of depots for your network?

Different supply chain criteria can be included in the algorithms. For example you can change cost, proximity and volume. The recommendations can be displayed in a way that is easy to understand.

2. What is the correct number of vehicles for your fleet?

Where should they be based and how many drivers are required can all be calculated in K.Sight COST2SERV.

Demand profiles can be compared against vehicle types and movement constraints for each customer and depot.

3. Where can you find more cost optimisation;

K.Sight COST2SERV analytics enables businesses to understand the cost and margin dynamics of the supply chain in order to devise strategies which provide competitive advantages.

The optimisation engines can perform cost-based evaluations and identify opportunities for increasing profit.

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